ATBH Organizing Subcommittee

All Together Better Health
The 11th International Conference on Interprofessional
Practice and Education

“Cultivating a Collaborative Culture: Sharing Pearls of Wisdom”

ATBH Organizing Subcommittee

Chair: Dr Emma Stokes, Head of Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Qatar University

Dr Stokes is the head of the newly established Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Science at Qatar University. She has worked in education for almost 25 years and is on leave from Trinity College Dublin where she is an associate professor and Fellow. Her research and teaching focus on professional practice issues for the profession. She has taught and lectured in over 40 countries around the world. In 2015, she was elected to serve as President of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. She was re-elected for a further four years in 2019. She has experience as a member and chair of boards in Ireland and internationally in a diversity of settings including education, health, research and regulation.

Co-chair: Mr Liwaa Al-Smadi, Section Head of Events, Communications & Public Relations Department, Qatar University

Mr Al-Smadi is the section head of events at Qatar University, where he is directing supervision of the events team and supervising and managing the overall calendar of events for the University. Previously Mr Al-Smadi was recruited by the University to assume the position of event specialist. He is used to researching markets to identify opportunities for events and identifying speakers or special guests. Mr Al-Smadi managed big scale events (such as graduation ceremonies), international events (THE Emerging Economies Summit), and other events where VIPs were hosted (A session with the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohammed). He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from Jerash Private University. Mr Al-Smadi has attended several management courses, such as netiquette and modern management skills, among others. He possesses excellent communication and team building skills.

Other ATBH Organizing Subcommittee Members

    • Ms Grace Attieh, Teaching Assistant of Human Nutrition, College of Health Sciences, Qatar University, Qatar
    • Ms Taghreed Abunada, Teaching Assistant of Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Sciences, Qatar University, Qatar
    • Ms Muneera Al-Ansari, Senior Engagement and Communications Specialist, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences Office, Qatar University, Qatar
    • Ms Myriam Eljaam, Teaching Assistant of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice, College of Pharmacy, Qatar University, Qatar
    • Mr Norman Wong, Pharmacy Technician Lead Instructor, School of Health Sciences, College of North Atlantic, Qatar
    • Ms Raneem Jabari, Engagement and Communications Specialist, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences Office, Qatar University, Qatar
    • Ms Tamara Al-Abdi, Lecturer of Human Nutrition, College of Health Sciences, Qatar University, Qatar

Administrative Coordinator:

Ms Maha Al-Qatouni, Senior Student Support Specialist, College of Health Sciences, Qatar University


Professor Asmaa Al-Thani is the Vice President of Medical and Health Sciences, the Director of the Biomedical Research Center (BRC) and a Professor of Virology at the Biomedical Sciences Department, Qatar University.  Professor Althani is also an Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Professor Al-Thani’s portfolio articulates a record of accomplishments in establishing the academic and research infrastructure for health and medical sciences at Qatar University, pertaining her roles as the Founding Dean of the College of Health Sciences (2016) and the Founding Director of BRC (2014).  Professor Al-Thani has an active role in national landscape of medical research through serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Qatar Biobank Board, Chairperson of the National Qatar Genome Committee and establishing National Reference laboratory-COVID19 Unit.  In addition, she is the founding chair for the Empower Generation Consortium (EGC), which comprises several projects that enhance the national capacities in health and medical sciences.

Professor Al-Thani has a leading research portfolio, with over than 120 published papers in peer-reviewed international journals and around 34 internal and external research grants and 2 patents.  She is a reviewer for several scientific journals and conferences, and currently a member of the American society for Microbiology.

Her accomplishments have been recognized through several awards, including the Astrolabi Award from WCMC-Q (2020), QS- Reimagine Oscar in Education, gold in Life Sciences and the silver in best university-employer relationship for the years 2018-2020.   She also received the State Encouraging Award in the Medical Sciences and Nursing (2017), Sheikh Hummaid Bin Rashid Award for Culture and Sciences (2006), Al-Jasra Cultural Club –Qatar (2008), Qatar University Outstanding Faculty Service Award (2012), the College of Arts and Sciences Research Award (2012) and the Arab Paediatric Medical Research Award (2015).