Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All Together Better Health ATBH XI
The 11th International Conference on Interprofessional
Practice and Education

“Cultivating a Collaborative Culture: Sharing Pearls of Wisdom”

Qatar University Health Continuing Professional Development of Health Professionals

Earn up to 19.5 CPD points

Continuous Professional Development accreditation of
The All Together Better Health XI

The All Together Better Health XI conference has been accredited as a Category 1 Group Learning Activity as defined by Qatar Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Health Professions-Accreditation Section.

Eligible participants can receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points by attending the various learning sessions during the conference. Subsequent, certification of CPD points will be generated electronically and sent via email recorded in the participant’s registration.

Attendees can earn up to 19.5 CPD credits; a breakdown of which is provided below.

    • Full Conference (including pre-conference workshops) 6th – 9th Nov: 5 CPD Credits
    • General Conference 7th – 9th Nov: 14.5 CPD Credits
Monday 6th November  (Pre-conference workshops) 5 CPD Credits
Tuesday 7th November 5 CPD Credits
Wednesday 8th November 6 CPD Credits
Thursday 9th November 3.5 CPD Credits

*CPD Credits are awarded based on attendance per session for each day; attendees are required to be in attendance for at least 80% of a session in order to qualify for the allocated CPD Credits.

**Each delegate name badge will have a chip that will monitor attendance per session, CPD Credits will be awarded according to the generated attendance report.

Further details of the CPD accreditation are provided below.

Who is responsible for CPD/CME Accreditation in the State of Qatar?

The Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP) within the Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) regulates and accredits activities of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) / Continuing Medical Education (CME) in the State of Qatar.

It monitors such activities to ensure their adequacy, quality and compliance with national and international accreditation standards. The accreditation system for CPD programs plays an integral part in the license renewal process of health care practitioners in the State of Qatar, hence ensuring competency and quality in health care services, while regulating the health care practice based on evidence and assessment of needs of the Qatari health care system.

What are the accreditation standards for CPD Accredited Activities?

Qatar University Health (QU-Health) is an accredited CPD provider within Qatar, and adheres to the DHP accreditation standards in designing, developing and implementing CPD activities.

These standards ensure that activities are developed to address assessed needs, use high quality scientific evidence, are free from external influence of competing (including commercial) interests, and implement evaluation strategies to determine the achievement of intended outcomes across a range of competency domains.

The following documents provide comprehensive details of the accreditation standards that inform the processes and procedures followed by QU-Health in designing, developing and implementing CPD activities.

How can participants claimContinuous Professional Development certificate(s)?

The All Together Better Health XI conference will employ an electronic attendance tracking system. It is therefore essential that participants follow the instructions provided in ensuring that their attendance to each of the sessions they have attended during the conference is tracked.

The electronic tracking system will generate participants’ CPD certificates according to the time spent in each of the sessions. CPD certificates will be sent via email using the details included in the participant’s registration; it is therefore very important that within the registration, participants have correctly recorded their name (as they would like it to appear on the CPD certificate) and e-mail address (where they would like the certificate sent to).

CPD certificates will include details of the number of CPD points that have been awarded to the participant based on their attendance to the individual sessions of the conference.

Further information relating to accreditation of CPD Activities

For further information relating to the accreditation of CPD Activities you may contact the QU-Health CPD office:


Telephone:+974 4403 5567