Finance and Partnership Committee

Finance and Partnership Committee


Wafa Ahmed Mohammed AlFalasi, Manager of Business Support, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences Office, Qatar University


Ms. Wafa Al-Falasi is the Manager of Business Support at the Vice President for Health and Medical Sciences Office at Qatar University. She received her bachelor degree in Public Relations – Mass Communication department at Qatar University. She obtained her Master’s degree in Marketing from Brunel University London in 2017.

During her career at Qatar University, Ms. Wafa worked at the Human Resources department in different sections, including: Section Head for Academic Payroll and Benefits, Section Head for Health Insurance and Section Head for Human Resources Consultations. She had numerous achievements and contributions into the development and enhancement towards the performance of the Human Resources department during 2007 – 2017.

Ms. Wafa is an active member in different committees at Qatar University, including Academic Support Employees Affairs committee, Forms Arabization committee and Administrative Employee Grievances committee for several years.

Currently, she is working towards obtaining her second Master’s degree in Human Resources and Development at the University of Salford – Manchester, UK.


Dr. Mohammad Diab Associate Vice President for Student Life and Services, Qatar University
Natasha Khandoker Senior Business Support Specialist, Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences Office, Qatar University
Nadine Wafic Maarouf Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Outreach and Engagement Department, Qatar University