International Healthcare Team Challenge

International Healthcare Team Challenge
All Together Better Health X: Doha Qatar November 2023

Guide for Student Participants

Welcome to the 2023 International Healthcare Team Challenge, we hope you will enjoy taking part. Background information about this challenge is found below. It outlines what to expect and how to take part over the conference days.

What is the Healthcare Team Challenge?

This challenge is an exciting and dynamic competition for students from healthcare professions from across the world attending ATBH. It gives the students an opportunity to work together and to demonstrate their expertise in teamwork and collaboration and the capacity to undertake a patient centred and ethical approach to work with patient with complicated healthcare needs. You will have the chance to work in an interprofessional and international team to develop a management plan for a patient with complicated health care needs. After an initial briefing you will work on this management plan with your team and with the support of mentors. Each team will present its management plan to a plenary session on Monday 25th November. An Expert Panel will judge the presentations and announce the winning team.

History of Healthcare Team Challenge

Healthcare Team Challenge events have taken place in Canada, Australia, UK and USA for many years. It has now become a global phenomenon. ATBH conferences in Oxford United Kingdom and in Auckland New Zealand also hosted Healthcare Team Challenge in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Students who participated in previous challenges have found the competition rewarding and beneficial. You will have an opportunity to get to know other students including those from other health professions and other countries and improve your interprofessional communication skills. You will work as a team to deliver patient centered care to a patient with complicated healthcare needs. As a team, you will gain experience of presenting to the whole conference. You will receive a certificate of participation and maybe win with your team the competition (great addition to your CV). Most of all we hope you will have fun!

The Timetable

  • Friday 22nd November

First meeting for students. Meet the planning team and some of your team members. There will be a short presentation on the HCTC and a chance to ask questions. You will learn about the mentors who will assist you.  You will be given copies of the Case Scenario.

  • Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th November

Team members will work on the case (you will agree when and where)

  • Monday 25th November

The HCTC Competition, timing to be confirmed. Each team will present its management plan. The judges will make a decision; we will announce the winners.  We will present prizes and certificates.

Working in your Interprofessional Team

The planning team will allocate you to a small interprofessional team of between 4 and 8 students.  We will try to ensure that each team has a similar mixture of professions and nationalities.  Allocation to teams will begin on the first meeting. Once you have met your team you will agree when and where you meet to plan.  There are many spaces at the conference where you can meet or you may choose to go elsewhere.  You will need to plan how you will use support from the mentors.  You can research the case scenario any way you choose.  There is information about how to access Wi-Fi at the registration desk in the Conference Halls.

The Mentors

You will hear more about the role of the mentors at the first meeting on Saturday evening.  You may contact the mentors during the conference to help your team prepare your management plan.  Mentors will provide guidance, motivation and support to the team but they cannot give provide you answers on the case or your management plan. You will need to agree with each mentor when and how you communicate. You may be able to meet face to face or use telephone, text, Skype etc.

Your presentation

The detailed timetable for the presentations is shown on the last page of these notes.  You will see that each team has 5 minutes to present its management plan.  This includes time to make way for the next team so you should plan for slightly under 5 minutes. You may present in any format you prefer.  There will be facilities for a PowerPoint presentation (if required).  You must have your presentation ready to upload before the competition starts.  The deadline for uploading your presentation is Monday 25th at 9.00 am (further details to follow). After your planned presentation you will have one extension question with additional information about the scenario to respond to. When you have been given this information your team will have 3 minutes to discuss your response and 2 minutes to present your ideas.

What are the judges looking for?

When you are preparing your presentation for the final day you will need to think about what the judges will be looking for.  The judges will consider how far your team presentation demonstrates:

  • Identification of problems & appropriate interventions
  • Role clarification
  • Patient/ family centred approach
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Team Functioning
  • Creativity and originality of your presentation
  • Culturally responsive


You will be able to register for this challenge during the process of registering for the conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at


Professor Asmaa Al-Thani is the Vice President of Medical and Health Sciences, the Director of the Biomedical Research Center (BRC) and a Professor of Virology at the Biomedical Sciences Department, Qatar University.  Professor Althani is also an Adjunct Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar.

Professor Al-Thani’s portfolio articulates a record of accomplishments in establishing the academic and research infrastructure for health and medical sciences at Qatar University, pertaining her roles as the Founding Dean of the College of Health Sciences (2016) and the Founding Director of BRC (2014).  Professor Al-Thani has an active role in national landscape of medical research through serving as the Vice Chairperson of the Qatar Biobank Board, Chairperson of the National Qatar Genome Committee and establishing National Reference laboratory-COVID19 Unit.  In addition, she is the founding chair for the Empower Generation Consortium (EGC), which comprises several projects that enhance the national capacities in health and medical sciences.

Professor Al-Thani has a leading research portfolio, with over than 120 published papers in peer-reviewed international journals and around 34 internal and external research grants and 2 patents.  She is a reviewer for several scientific journals and conferences, and currently a member of the American society for Microbiology.

Her accomplishments have been recognized through several awards, including the Astrolabi Award from WCMC-Q (2020), QS- Reimagine Oscar in Education, gold in Life Sciences and the silver in best university-employer relationship for the years 2018-2020.   She also received the State Encouraging Award in the Medical Sciences and Nursing (2017), Sheikh Hummaid Bin Rashid Award for Culture and Sciences (2006), Al-Jasra Cultural Club –Qatar (2008), Qatar University Outstanding Faculty Service Award (2012), the College of Arts and Sciences Research Award (2012) and the Arab Paediatric Medical Research Award (2015).