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Breaking the Silos and Reimagining Possibilities: Using Simulation and Digital Platforms to Create a Theatre of Engagement in Interprofessional Education

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our ways of working and led to new and innovative ways of engaging health students in simulation. This presentation will challenge traditional views of simulation and explore new and exciting platforms. It will showcase multi-modal simulation as a way to overcome the issues of scheduling that often hamper Interprofessional learning.


Professor Jane Frost is a passionate nurse, experienced academic, simulation researcher, and TEDx Speaker. Her work explores both simulation and technology enhanced learning modalities including extended reality (XR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jane uses experiential learning to promote empathy and understanding in health students. Jane is a passionate advocate of Interprofessional learning and preparing students for clinical realities and recently won a national Australian Award for University teaching. Dr Frost is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy